Dazzling Ethos: The 18K 2.94ct Lab-Grown Diamond Chain Bracelet


  • Color/Clarity : DEF/VVS
  • Gold Purity : 18K
  • Gross Weight : 2.9998 Grams
  • Net Weight : 2.940Grams
  • Diamond Weight : 31/0.299Carat

    Gross Weight:- 2.9998gram

  • Net Weight:- 2.940gram
  • Chain Weight:-1 gram
  • Gold Purity:-18K
  • Gold Price:-Rs.16123(193.56$)
  • Diamond Weight:-0.299ct
  •  Diamond Price:-Rs.4485(53.84$)
  •  Making:-Rs.2940(35.30$)
  • Total Price:-Rs.23548(282.70$)
  • GST:-3%
  • Grand Total:-Rs.24255(291.19$)
  • NOTE:-The price of gold can fluctuate from day to day due to various factors such as market demand and supply, global economic conditions, geopolitical events, central bank policies, market speculation, and currency fluctuations. These factors contribute to the constant monitoring and analysis required by investors and traders in the precious metals market
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Welcome to the world of sophisticated charm represented by “Dazzling Ethos,” a fusion of modern elegance and mindful luxury. This remarkable chain bracelet, fashioned from the finest 18K gold, spotlights an impressively assembled collection of lab-grown diamonds with a combined weight of 2.94 carats. It encapsulates a balance of resplendent glamour and ethical craftsmanship, effortlessly marrying sustainability with spectacular design.

The centerpiece of this divine bracelet is its dazzling ensemble of lab-grown diamonds. Weighing a combined 2.94 carats, these ethical gems signify a commitment to eco-friendly luxury, offering the same physical and chemical properties of mined diamonds without the environmental cost. These ethically grown diamonds reveal a captivating sparkle that perfectly balances opulence and conscious consumerism.

Set within the golden embrace of an 18K chain, the diamonds exude a spectacular shimmer, enhancing the bracelet’s undeniable allure. The quality craftsmanship of the gold chain, combined with its inherent luster, provides a seamless stage to highlight the brilliance and fire of the diamonds, creating an intimate dance of light with every movement.

The “Dazzling Ethos” bracelet represents the epitome of variety and elegance. Its design assures comfort, accompanied by a secure clasp that ensures a perfect fit for any wearer. Whether it’s an everyday accessory or a special occasion piece, it delivers the perfect balance of timeless style and unparalleled sophistication.

Celebrate milestones, express individuality, or present an unforgettable gift with the “Dazzling Ethos” bracelet. It represents a harmonious blend of captivating beauty, ethical sourcing, and contemporary style. This bracelet is more than just an accessory—it’s a statement of moral elegance that allows its wearer to shine with conscientious glamour.

Step into the realm of enchanting charm with “Dazzling Ethos,” a beacon of conscious luxury. Wear it to elevate your everyday look or shine at special gatherings. It’s certain to become a cherished jewel in your collection—the perfect emblem of sustainability and style coalescing in a timeless design.


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