Essence of radiance: the 18K 1.305 ct lab-grown diamond chain bracelet


  • Color/Clarity : DEF/VVS
  • Gold Purity : 18K
  • Gross Weight : 4 Grams
  • Net Weight : 3.739Grams
  • Diamond Weight : 66/1.305 Carat
  • Gross Weight:- 4 gram

  •  Net Weight:- 3.739gram
  •  Chain Weight:-1 gram
  •  Gold Purity:-18K
  •  Gold Price:-Rs.20504(246.16$)
  •  Diamond Weight:-66/1.305ct
  •  Diamond Price:-Rs.39150(470.00$)
  •  Making:-Rs.3739(44.89$)
  •  Total Price:-Rs.63393(761.05$)
  •  GST:-3%
  • Grand Total:-Rs.65295(783.88$)
  • NOTE:-The price of gold can fluctuate from day to day due to various factors such as market demand and supply, global economic conditions, geopolitical events, central bank policies, market speculation, and currency fluctuations. These factors contribute to the constant monitoring and analysis required by investors and traders in the precious metals market
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Unveil the “Essence of Radiance,” a spellbinding blend of unparalleled luxury and ethical brilliance. This extraordinary chain bracelet, expertly crafted in the richest 18K gold, showcases a dazzling array of lab-grown diamonds totaling 1.305ct. It’s a symbol of refined taste and progressive values, creating a legacy of beauty that respects our world.

Center stage in this lavish creation is not one but a series of lab-grown diamonds, collectively weighing 1.305 carats. These gems, each cultivated with precision and care, offer an impeccable clarity and radiance akin to the most sought-after mined diamonds. Their creation, a product of advanced technology and passion, reflects a commitment to environmental responsibility without compromising on the sheer joy of luxury jewelry.

The 18K gold chain, designed to perfection, serves as a luxurious canvas for the diamonds’ brilliant display. It’s a marriage of traditional elegance and modern sophistication, with each link meticulously crafted to enhance the overall sparkle and appeal of the bracelet. The gold’s warmth complements the cool brilliance of the diamonds, creating a harmonious balance that’s both eye-catching and deeply alluring.

“Essence of Radiance” is more than a piece of jewelry; it’s a versatile statement of style and sustainability. Its secure clasp promises ease of wear on all occasions, whether chosen as a signature piece for everyday luxury or as a highlight for special events. Its timeless design ensures it will remain a cherished component of your collection, adaptable and relevant for years to come.

Celebrate milestones, accessorize with purpose, or indulge in the beauty of responsible luxury. “Essence of Radiance” invites you to experience the perfection of fine jewelry that aligns with your values. It’s not only an ode to the artistry and elegance of contemporary design but also a testament to a brighter, more sustainable future in luxury.

Embolden your jewelry collection with “Essence of Radiance,” where the allure of 18K gold and the brilliance of lab-grown diamonds converge in a symphony of sustainable elegance.


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