Embrace Eternity: The 18K 0.15ct Lab-Grown Diamond Round Charm Bracelet


    • Type of Diamond:- Lab grown Diamond
    • Certification Type:- IGI/GGL
    • Diamond Color/clarity:-  White F VS1
    • Diamond weight:- 0.30ct
    • Gold weight in Purity- 18k 2.210G

  • Gross Weight:- 2.27gram
  •  Net Weight:- 2.210gram
  •  Gold Purity:-18K
  • Gold Price:-Rs.11912(142.81$)
  • Diamond Weight:-0.30ct
  •  Diamond Price:-Rs.4500(53.95$)
  • Making:-Rs.2210(26.49$)
  • Total Price:-Rs.18622(223.25$)
  •  GST:-3%
  • Grand Total:-Rs.19181(229.95$)
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Indulge in an unforgettable display of elegance and sustainability with our “Embrace Eternity Bracelet”. Sculpted to perfection, this beguiling piece presents a harmonious amalgamation of gleaming 18K gold partnered with a scintillating 0.15ct lab-grown diamond, illuminating the path to ethical luxury.

The prime allure of the bracelet, the resplendent 0.15ct lab-grown diamond, reflects the very pinnacle of craftsmanship and sustainability. Mirroring the unmistakable allure and brilliance of a mined diamond without the environmental impact, this lab-grown gem captures the essence of ethical luxury.

Suspended with grace, the round charm encapsulates this extraordinary diamond. Every flawless facet dances and mirrors the light with the bracelet’s every movement, creating an infinite play of light and shadow that captivates the eye. This solitary charm symbolizes timeless elegance, embodying a minimalist appeal that suits every occasion.

The charm’s beauty is only heightened by its setting, a bracelet made from radiant 18K gold. Renowned for its delightful blend of luster, durability, and purity, 18K gold enhances the diamond’s sparkle while lending an air of timeless sophistication. Its refined shimmer and strength make it an ideal choice for everyday jewelry, offering elegance that stands the test of time.

The “Embrace Eternity Bracelet” is not just a statement piece. It’s a testament to a new era of jewelry where sophisticated design and ethical sourcing exist in perfect harmony. This remarkable item marries the undying allure of gold and diamonds with the values of the modern consumer, proving that beauty and responsibility can indeed coexist.

As a gift for a loved one or a precious addition to your jewelry collection, the “Embrace Eternity Bracelet” is a symbol of enduring elegance and unspoken sentiments. Step into the future of fine jewelry with this stunning round charm bracelet and embody beauty that is as conscious as it is captivating.


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