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Buy Back Policy

Solitairekart Buy-Back Policy

At SolitaireKart, we take pride in offering an exquisite collection of high-quality jewelry that caters to various tastes and preferences. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence is reflected in every piece we craft and the policies we uphold. Below, we outline our buy-back policy regarding natural diamonds and natural gemstones.

Natural Diamonds Buy-Back Policy:

  • Eligibility for Buy-Back: Only natural diamonds purchased from Solitairekart are eligible for our buy-back program.
  • Buy-Back Value: We offer a buy-back option at 75% of the original purchase value of the natural diamond, contingent upon current market prices and the condition of the diamond.
  • Purpose: The buy-back value can be used exclusively for upgrade or exchange purposes, allowing our customers to continuously evolve their jewelry collection with us.

Natural Gemstones Buy-Back Policy:

  • Eligibility for Buy-Back: This policy applies solely to natural gemstones, ensuring that our customers who invest in these precious items can benefit from our buy-back program.
  • Buy-Back Value: Similar to natural diamonds, natural gemstones enjoy a buy-back option at 75% of the initial purchase price, subject to market rates and the gemstone’s condition at the time of the buy-back.
  • Use of Buy-Back Value: The value retrieved through this buy-back option can be leveraged for the purpose of upgrading or exchanging existing pieces for new selections from our diverse range.

Exclusions to Buy-Back Policy:

  • Lab-Grown Diamonds and Semi-Precious Stones: Please note that lab-grown diamonds, semi-precious stones, and jewelry incorporating these elements are not eligible for buy-back under the current policy framework of Solitairekart.
  • Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry: Jewelry items featuring lab-grown diamonds are similarly excluded from our buy-back offerings.

Understanding Our Policy:

We encourage our patrons to deliberate these policy specifics when making a purchase. While we are passionate about providing a wide array of choices that resonate with our customers’ diverse interests and aesthetics, we also strive to maintain a clear and straightforward buy-back policy.

As we navigate the ever-changing landscapes of the jewelry market, Solitairekart remains dedicated to evaluating and adapting our policies to best serve the needs and expectations of our cherished customers.

Should you have any inquiries or require further assistance regarding our buy-back policy or wish to explore the mesmerizing selections we offer, our expert customer service team is at your disposal, ready to provide you with support and guidance.

Thank you for entrusting Solitairekart with your fine jewelry needs. We are eager to continue being a part of your life’s most treasured moments.