Spectrum of Elegance: 7.5 Inch Mixed Color & Shape Diamond Studded Lab-Grown Diamond Bracelet


  • Type of Diamond:- Lab grown Diamond
  •   Centre diamond Color/clarity:-  White FG VS1
  •   Side Diamond color and clarity:- DEF VS1
  •   Centre diamond weight:- 49carat (7.5 each )
  •   Gold weight in Purity- 14K (25g)
  • Shipping Time :- 10-15 Days

Gross Weight:- 34.8gram
Gold Weight:- 25gram
Gold Purity:-14K
Gold Price:-Rs109317(1310.05$)
Diamond Weight:- 49ct
Diamond Price:-Rs.980000 (11744.27$)
Total Price:-Rs.1114317(13353.92$)
Grand Total:-Rs.1147748(13754.55$)

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Spectrum of Elegance: 7.5 Inch Mixed Color & Shape Diamond Studded Lab-Grown Diamond Bracelet

Discover the future of luxury with our dazzling 7.5 Inch Mixed Color & Shape Lab-Grown Diamond Bracelet. This resplendent piece is not just a bracelet—it’s a celebration of innovation and inclusivity. Cultivated with precision and care, our lab-grown diamonds offer you the brilliance of natural diamonds with a sustainable and ethical edge. Every color and cut represented in this exquisite bracelet reflects a world of beauty and authenticity, waiting for you to revel in its splendor.

Why This Lab-Grown Diamond Bracelet Is Exceptionally Unique:

  • A Palette of Possibilities: Revel in a spectrum of colors as this bracelet showcases a range of hues from classic, pristine whites to rare, vivacious colors. Each lab-grown diamond is carefully chosen to create a harmonious palette that mesmerizes and delights.
  • Masterful Assortment of Shapes: The diamonds come in an array of shapes from round to princess, cushion to marquise, each adding its own character and brilliance to the design. This diverse combination not only captures the eye but also reflects the multifaceted beauty of the wearer.
  • Uncompromised Brilliance: Our lab-grown diamonds are created with the utmost attention to detail, offering brilliance and clarity that rival even the finest mined diamonds. This bracelet radiates sparkle from every angle, ensuring you’ll captivate attention in any setting.
  • Sustainable Elegance: Embrace the sophistication of diamonds while making an environmentally conscious choice. Lab-grown diamonds reduce impact on the earth without compromising on quality or appearance, allowing you to wear this bracelet with pride and peace of mind.
  • Adjustable for Perfect Fit: Measuring at 7.5 inches, this bracelet is designed to grace a plethora of wrist sizes with a comfortable and secure fit. It is equipped with a reliable clasp that ensures your bracelet stays in place, harmonizing elegantly with your day-to-day movements.

Benefits That Make It a Must-Have:

  • A Statement of Values: Choosing this lab-grown diamond bracelet is a testament to your principles, showcasing both a commitment to ethical choices and a passion for cutting-edge fashion.
  • Versatile Wearability: The mixed colors and shapes of the diamonds make this piece highly versatile, capable of accentuating any outfit or occasion—be it casual chic or evening glamour, this bracelet will be your go-to accessory.
  • Attention to Detail: Every diamond is meticulously set, ensuring not only the safety of the stones but also the flawless finish of the bracelet. The attention to detail is evident in every facet, making it a piece you’ll cherish.
  • The Perfect Gift: With its universal appeal and sustainable origin, it makes an exceptional gift for anyone who values both style and substance. This bracelet isn’t just a gift, it’s a statement.

Dress Your Wrist in Rainbow Brilliance

Our Mixed Color & Shape Lab-Grown Diamond Bracelet is an ode to those who dare to shine differently. With its dance of colors and shapes, it speaks to the uniqueness of its wearer. It is not just a piece of jewelry; it represents the future of luxury—sustainable, versatile, and breathtakingly beautiful.

Exclusively Yours

Created with precision and passion, this bracelet is as unique as you are, with limited availability to maintain its exclusivity. So why wait? Elevate your wardrobe with this vibrant symbol of modern elegance and pave the way for a future as brilliant as our lab-grown diamonds.


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