Refined Rhythms: Men’s 14K Gold Studded Baguette and Round Shaped Exclusive Bracelet


  • Type of Diamond:- Lab grown Diamond
  •  Diamond Color/clarity:-  White FG VS1
  •  Diamond weight:- 28ct
  •  Gold weight in Purity- 14k 98g
  • Shipping Day: 8-9

Gross Weight:-103.6gram
Net Weight:-98gram
Gold Purity:-14K
Gold Price:-Rs.428456(5134.95$)
Diamond Weight:-28ct
Diamond Price:-Rs.420000(5033.60$)
Total Price:-Rs.946456(11343.06$)
Grand Total:-Rs.974850(11683.35$)

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Unveil the ultimate fusion of elegance and masculinity with the Refined Rhythms Bracelet — a luxurious expression tailored for the modern man. This super-exclusive bracelet weaves the classic charm of 14K gold studs into a contemporary design, presenting a striking combination of baguette and round-shaped links that radiate a bold yet sophisticated statement.

This piece is not just a bracelet; it’s the embodiment of a lifestyle that prizes distinctive style and subtlety, curated for the man who carries himself with confidence and ease.

Distinguished Benefits:

  • Multi-Shaped Link Design: Featuring an innovative combination of baguette and round-shaped links, this bracelet showcases complexity and modern design, setting it apart from ordinary jewelry.
  • 14K Gold Elegance: Each link is enriched with the exquisite lustre of 14K gold studs, offering a touch of timeless luxury that complements any outfit or occasion.
  • Bold Masculine Appeal: Crafted with the discerning man in mind, its robust silhouette and intricate craftsmanship reflect strength, resilience, and an eye for detail.
  • Versatile Style Achievement: Whether it’s a black-tie event or a casual gathering, this bracelet transitions seamlessly, offering adaptable fashion that elevates your presence.
  • Engineered for Endurance and Comfort: Precisely constructed for durability, the Refined Rhythms Bracelet is comfortable for everyday wear, accentuating your wrist with an unyielding charm.
  • Impeccable Gifting Idea: Encased in a luxurious box, it makes a memorable and impressive gift for any man who values standing out with grace and power.

The Refined Rhythms Men’s 14K Gold Studded Baguette and Round Shaped Bracelet is more than an accessory — it’s an assertion of your persona. With a lavish flair that commands respect and admiration, it’s designed for the man who prioritizes quality, durability, and a distinct sense of style. Embrace the rhythm of excellence and let your presence be known.


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