Timeless Treasure 1.00ct Round Lab Grown Diamond White Gold Ring


  • Gross Weight : 2.65 Gram
  • Net Weight : 2.44 Gram
  • Gold Purity: 14K
  • Diamond Weight : 1.00 Carat
  • Diamond Color : F
  • Diamond Clarity : VS1
  • Diamond Shape : Round Brilliant
  • Small Diamond Weight : 0.09 Carat (18 Pcs)
  • Small Diamond Color : DEF
  • Small Diamond Clarity : VVS
  • Small Diamond Shape : Brilliant Round

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Step into a world of eternal elegance with our “Timeless Treasure” ring, where sophistication meets sustainability. At the heart of this captivating piece lies a brilliant 1.00 carat round lab grown diamond, chosen for its exceptional quality and everlasting sparkle.

Set in a radiant white gold band, this exquisite diamond exudes a timeless allure, captivating all who behold its beauty. The simplicity of the design allows the diamond to take center stage, while the purity of the white gold accentuates its luminosity and purity.

Crafted with precision and care, every facet of this ring reflects meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. From the perfectly proportioned setting to the smooth curves that grace the finger with comfort and style, “Timeless Treasure” is a testament to enduring beauty and timeless sophistication.

More than just a piece of jewelry, “Timeless Treasure” is a symbol of love, commitment, and the timeless bond shared between two souls. Ethically sourced and environmentally conscious, the lab grown diamond embodies modern luxury without compromise.

Indulge in the allure of sustainable luxury with “Timeless Treasure,” a radiant treasure that will illuminate your world with its timeless beauty and everlasting sparkle.

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White Gold

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