Timeless Sparkle 0.63 Carat Round Shape Lab Created Diamond Ring


  • Gold Purity: 18K
  • Gross Weight : 4.326 Gram
  • Net Weight : 4.200 Gram
  • Diamond Weight : 0.50 Carat
  • Diamond Color : DEF
  • Diamond Clarity : VVS
  • Diamond Shape : Brilliant Round
  • Small Diamond Weight : 0.13 Carat (11 Pcs)
  • Small Diamond Color : DEF
  • Small Diamond Clarity : VVS
  • Small Diamond Shape : Brilliant Round

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The “Timeless Sparkle 0.63 Carat Round Shape Lab Created Diamond Ring” is a mesmerizing embodiment of elegance and enduring allure. At its heart lies a brilliant 0.63-carat lab-created round diamond, carefully cut and crafted to capture the essence of timeless beauty. This diamond, with its exquisite facets, radiates a captivating sparkle that symbolizes the eternal brilliance of love and unwavering commitment.

What makes this ring truly extraordinary is its commitment to responsible sourcing. Lab-created diamonds are a testament to modern ethics and sustainability, as they are meticulously cultivated through environmentally friendly methods, eliminating the environmental and ethical concerns associated with traditional diamond mining.

“Timeless Sparkle” transcends fleeting fashion trends, making it a timeless choice for engagements or as a perpetual symbol of love. Its impeccable design and craftsmanship ensure its place as a cherished heirloom, a legacy of love to be passed down through generations. With every glance, it serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring sparkle of love, illuminating our lives with its timeless brilliance. The 0.63-carat round shape lab-created diamond in this ring is more than just a diamond; it’s a testament to the everlasting radiance of love itself.

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