Shine Bright with Brilliant Round 3.50mm GH, VS Clarity Lab Grown Diamond 0.16ct


  • Total number of Diamond: 6 pcs
  • Total Weight : 1 Carat
  • Shape: Round
  • Color : GH
  • Clarity : VS
  • Cut : Excellent
  • Polish : Excellent
  • Symmetry : Excellent
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This 3.50mm lab grown diamond is an exquisite piece of jewelry that is perfect for any occasion. With a weight of 0.16ct, this diamond is not only stunning but also affordable. It is a sustainable and ethical choice for anyone who wants to add some sparkle to their life without harming the environment.

Lab grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment, replicating the natural process of diamond formation. This ensures that they are of the highest quality and have the same chemical and physical properties as mined diamonds. The main difference is that lab grown diamonds are free from the environmental and ethical issues associated with mined diamonds, making them a popular choice for the modern consumer.

This diamond is perfect for those who want to upgrade their jewelry collection or add a touch of luxury to their outfit. It can be worn as a standalone piece or paired with other pieces of jewelry to create a stunning look. It is also the perfect gift for someone special, as it is a timeless and elegant piece of jewelry that will be treasured for years to come.

In conclusion, this 3.50mm lab grown diamond is a beautiful, sustainable, and affordable option for anyone who wants to add some sparkle to their life. It is perfect for any occasion, whether it be a wedding, anniversary, or just a special night out. So why not order yours today and experience the beauty of lab grown diamonds for yourself?


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