Radiant Cut 2.01 carat: A Perfect Combination of Elegance and Sparkle


  • Weight : 2.01 Carat
  • Shape: Radiant
  • Color : E
  • Clarity : VS2
  • Polish : Excellent
  • Symmetry : Excellent
  • Certification Type : IGI
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Radiant cut diamonds are one of the most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings due to their unique combination of elegance and sparkle. This particular diamond, a 2.01 carat E color VS2 clarity radiant cut, is a perfect example of why this shape is so sought after.

With its elongated shape and trimmed corners, the radiant cut allows for maximum light reflection and creates a stunning display of brilliance. The E color grade of this diamond means that it is nearly colorless, allowing for a pure, white appearance that is highly desirable in diamonds.

In addition to its color, the VS2 clarity grade ensures that this diamond is free from any visible inclusions or blemishes, making it a high-quality choice for an engagement ring. The combination of the E color and VS2 clarity grades creates a diamond that is both visually stunning and of excellent value.

Overall, the 2.01 carat E color VS2 clarity radiant cut diamond is a perfect choice for anyone seeking a timeless and elegant engagement ring that will sparkle for a lifetime. Its unique shape, high-quality color, and clarity make it a truly special diamond that will be cherished for generations.

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