Oval Shape 1.01 carat Fancy Intense Pink color Diamond


Weight : 1.01 Carat
Shape: Oval
Color : Intense Pink
Clarity : VS1
Polish : Excellent
Symmetry : Excellent

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An oval shape pink color lab-grown diamond is a man-made diamond that has been grown in a laboratory environment and exhibits a distinct and rare pink color. These diamonds are highly sought after for their unique combination of shape and color, and can be a stunning choice for an engagement ring or other piece of jewelry.

The color of an oval shape pink color lab-grown diamond can range from a soft, delicate pink to a more intense and vivid hue. Lab-grown diamonds are graded on the same color scale as natural diamonds, with the most vivid and saturated colors being the most valuable and sought after.

Oval shape pink color lab-grown diamonds are often set in white gold or platinum to enhance the contrast between the pink color of the diamond and the bright, white metal. These diamonds are a more affordable and sustainable alternative to natural diamonds, and can be a valuable addition to any jewelry collection.

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Diamond Type

Lab Grown Diamond

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Diamond Color

Fancy Pink

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