Mesmerizing Brilliance Round Cut 1.10ct Lab Grown Diamond Ring


  • Gross Weight : 2.75 Gram
  • Net Weight : 2.46 Gram
  • Gold Purity: 14K
  • Diamond Weight : 1.10 Carat
  • Diamond Color : E
  • Diamond Clarity : VS2
  • Diamond Shape : Brilliant Round
  • Small Diamond Weight : 0.36 Carat (36 Pcs)
  • Small Diamond Color : DEF
  • Small Diamond Clarity : VVS
  • Small Diamond Shape : Brilliant Round

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Indulge in the mesmerizing brilliance of our Round Cut 1.10ct Lab Grown Diamond Ring. This captivating piece of jewelry is designed to leave you in awe with its unrivaled sparkle and beauty.

At the heart of this ring lays a stunning 1.10ct lab grown round cut diamond. Known for its exceptional brilliance and fire, the round cut is expertly crafted to showcase the diamond’s natural beauty to its fullest extent. Each facet is carefully shaped and aligned to create a scintillating display of light, captivating all who gaze upon it.

The band of this ring is crafted from high-quality material, complementing the beauty of the diamond. Whether you choose white gold, yellow gold, or platinum, the band adds a touch of sophistication that enhances the overall allure of the ring.

Rest assured that our lab grown diamonds are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. Created using advanced technology that replicates the natural diamond growth process, these diamonds possess the same visual and physical properties as their natural counterparts. This means you can enjoy a stunning diamond without any ethical concerns.

Experience the dazzling brilliance of our Round Cut 1.10ct Lab Grown Diamond Ring. This ring is a true statement piece, perfect for special occasions or as an extraordinary symbol of your love and commitment. Allow its captivating beauty to adorn your finger and radiate an irresistible allure that will leave everyone spellbound.

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