Lab Grown Brilliance 0.08ct GH, VS Clarity Diamonds in 2.80mm Size


  • Total number of Diamond: 12 pcs
  • Total Weight : 1 Carat
  • Shape: Round
  • Color : GH
  • Clarity : VS
  • Cut : Excellent
  • Polish : Excellent
  • Symmetry : Excellent
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Shimmering Sparkles: 0.08ct Lab Grown Diamonds in 2.80mm Size are the perfect combination of elegance and sustainability. These petite lab-grown diamonds are precisely crafted to provide maximum brilliance, fire, and scintillation, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a sophisticated and eco-friendly option. The lab-grown diamonds are grown using advanced technology that mimics the natural diamond formation process, resulting in high-quality diamonds with minimal impact on the environment.

These diamonds are perfect for creating exquisite jewelry pieces, such as earrings, pendants, and bracelets. Their small size makes them an ideal choice for delicate and minimalist designs, providing a subtle yet dazzling touch to any outfit. Despite their small size, these diamonds are highly durable and scratch-resistant, ensuring long-lasting wear.

What makes lab-grown diamonds unique is their ethical and sustainable production. Unlike mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds do not require large-scale mining operations, which can cause environmental damage and have negative social impacts. Lab-grown diamonds are also free of conflict, ensuring that your purchase is not financing unethical practices.

In conclusion, Shimmering Sparkles: 0.08ct Lab Grown Diamonds in 2.80mm Size are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a sustainable and ethical diamond option. These diamonds are stunning, durable, and eco-friendly, providing a guilt-free way to add some sparkle to your jewelry collection.


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