Experience the Brilliance of a 3.30mm DEF, VVS Clarity Lab Grown Diamond 0.14ct


  • Total number of Diamond: 7 pcs
  • Total Weight : 1 Carat
  • Shape: Round
  • Color : DEF
  • Clarity : VVS
  • Cut : Excellent
  • Polish : Excellent
  • Symmetry : Excellent
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A 3.30mm lab-grown diamond with a weight of 0.14 carats is a stunning piece of jewelry that is sure to catch anyone’s eye. These lab-grown diamonds are made using advanced technology that mimics the natural conditions that produce diamonds, resulting in a high-quality product that is visually identical to a natural diamond.

The brilliance of these lab-grown diamonds is unmatched, and they are a great alternative to traditional mined diamonds. Not only are they more affordable, but they are also eco-friendly and ethical, as they are not associated with the negative environmental and social impacts of diamond mining.

The 3.30mm size and 0.14ct weight of these lab-grown diamonds make them a versatile choice for any jewelry piece, whether it’s a pair of earrings, a pendant, or a ring. Their size is perfect for those who prefer a more delicate and understated look, while still providing that desirable sparkle and shine.

These lab-grown diamonds are a popular choice for engagement rings, as they offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional diamonds, without sacrificing on quality or beauty. Their brilliance and durability make them an ideal choice for an everyday piece of jewelry that will last for years to come.

In summary, a 3.30mm lab-grown diamond with a weight of 0.14 carats is a stunning and versatile piece of jewelry that offers the same brilliance and durability as a natural diamond, while also being eco-friendly and ethical. Experience the brilliance of these lab-grown diamonds for yourself and add a touch of sparkle to your jewelry collection.


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