Eternal Embrace: The 18K Gold with 0.10CT Natural Diamond Unity Ring


  • diamond :Natural Diamond
  • Color/Clarity : IJ/S1
  • Gold Purity : 18K
  • Gross Weight : 0.68Grams
  • Net Weight : 0.66 Grams
  • Diamond Weight : 0.10Carat
  • Shipping Time: 7 to 8 Days

More Details

Gross Weight:- 0.68gram
Net Weight:- 0.66gram
Gold Purity:-18K
Gold Price:-Rs.3681(44.17$)
Diamond Weight:-0.10ct
Diamond Price:-Rs.2800(33.60$)
Total Price:-Rs.7141(85.69$)
Grand Total:-Rs.7356(88.27$)

  • Eternal Brilliance, Assured: Luminous Legacy with Forever Value Guarantee—100% Gold & 70% Diamond Buy-Back, Excluding Making Charges
  • NOTE:-The price of gold can fluctuate from day to day due to various factors such as market demand and supply, global economic conditions, geopolitical events, central bank policies, market speculation, and currency fluctuations. These factors contribute to the constant monitoring and analysis required by investors and traders in the precious metals market.
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Eternal Embrace: The 18K Gold with 0.10CT Natural Diamond Unity Ring

Step into a circle of perpetual affection with the “Eternal Embrace” 18K Gold with 0.10CT Natural Diamond Unity Ring—crafted not only as a jewel but as an enduring symbol of the union that flourishes between two kindred hearts. This exquisite ring is a tribute to love’s timeless narrative and the cherished promises that accompany it.

The Distinction of Elegant Craftsmanship
Forged from premium 18K gold, this ring is the epitome of resilience fused with sophistication, comfortably encircling your finger like a warm, loving caress. Central to its charm lies a resplendent 0.10CT natural diamond, carefully chosen for its lively brilliance and pristine clarity. The union of the gold’s warmth and the diamond’s sparkle culminates in a remarkable array of reflections, a daily reminder of the enduring commitments made and shared joys yet to come.

Key Advantages of the “Eternal Embrace”:

  • Optimal Comfort & Opulence: Designed with the soft glow of 18K gold, it is gentle against the skin, making it an ideal match for lifelong companionship.
  • Symbol of Unyielding Bond: The 0.10CT diamond is not just a stone; it’s a monumental symbol of love’s unassailable fortress, unwavering through every up and down.
  • Responsibly Sourced Majesty: Reflecting a dedication to ethical practices, the sourcing of each diamond respects both nature and humanity, giving you a piece that echoes your personal ethos.
  • Versatile Sophistication: Whether elevating everyday attire or complementing evening elegance, this ring transitions seamlessly with your wardrobe and occasions of significance.
  • Heirloom Potential: More than just a band of gold or a stone, this ring is destined to carry your narrative forward, embodying your love story for generations to relish.

Your Journey Embodied in “Eternal Embrace”
The “Eternal Embrace” 18K Gold with 0.10CT Natural Diamond Unity Ring is your love made tangible—an unyielding embrace frozen in gold and diamond. It goes beyond adornment, encapsulating the unspoken language of affection and companionship that interweaves through your lives.

Celebrate the strength and grace of your alliance with this sublime ring, inviting every glance to become an acknowledgment of a love that stands tall against the test of time. The “Eternal Embrace” is not just a piece of jewelry, but a companion for life, glimmering with promises made and sealed forevermore.


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