12.43ct Blue Diamond Ring with Emerald Cut, Set in 14K White Gold


  • Gold Purity: 14K
  • Gross Weight :6.46 Gram
  • Net Weight : 3.68 Gram
  • Centre Diamond Weight : 12.43 Carat
  • Centre Diamond Color : Fancy Blue
  • Centre Diamond Clarity : VVS1
  • Centre Diamond Shape : Emerald Cut
  • Side Diamond Weight : 1.48 Carat
  • Side Diamond Color : DEF
  • Side Diamond Clarity : VVS
  • Side Diamond Shape : Round Brilliant

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The 12.43ct Blue Diamond Ring with Emerald Cut, set in 14K White Gold, is a true testament to the exquisite beauty and timeless elegance of fine jewelry. This magnificent ring showcases a captivating blue diamond, boasting a remarkable carat weight of 12.43ct, expertly cut into a striking emerald shape. The blue diamond, known for its rarity and allure, takes center stage in this design, enchanting all who behold it.

The 14K white gold setting serves as a perfect complement to the vibrant blue diamond, providing a stunning backdrop that accentuates its brilliance. White gold, with its lustrous and durable properties, ensures the longevity of this exceptional piece.

The mesmerizing hue of the blue diamond evokes a sense of tranquility and sophistication. Its deep, rich color captures the essence of the ocean, immersing the wearer in a world of serenity and beauty. The emerald cut, with its rectangular shape and step-cut facets, showcases the diamond’s clarity and amplifies its natural allure. Each facet reveals the diamond’s inner depths, creating a mesmerizing play of light and shadow.

As one gazes upon this remarkable ring, they are drawn into a world of luxury and elegance. The blue diamond’s intense coloration, combined with its impressive carat weight, commands attention and admiration. Its rarity makes it a truly unique and coveted Diamond, symbolizing strength, power, and wisdom.

Passing down through generations, it carries a legacy of style and sophistication, making it an heirloom-worthy treasure.

Those seeking a distinctive and luxurious piece that sets them apart from the crowd will find this remarkable ring perfect.

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Metal Type


Gold Purity


Gold Color

White Gold

Diamond Shape


Diamond Color

Fancy Blue

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