14 k gold studded 1.2 carat lab grown diamond and Swiss topaz Ascher cut 5 carat necklace


  • Type of Diamond:- Lab grown Diamond
  • Chain Weight:- 3.5g
  •   Diamond Color/clarity:-  White FG VS1
  •   Diamond weight:- 1.2ct
  •   Topaz weight:- 5carat
  •   Gold weight in Purity- 14K (5.5g)

Gross Weight:- 6.74gram
Net Weight:- 5.5gram
Chain Weight:- 3.5g
Gold Purity:-14K
Gold Price:-Rs.23931(286.22$)
Diamond Weight:-1.2ct
Diamond Price:-Rs.18000(215.28$)
Topaz Weight:-5ct
Topaz Price:-Rs.100000(1196.01$)
Total Price:-Rs.147431(1763.29$)
Grand Total:-Rs.151854(1816.19$)

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Experience the ultimate fusion of luxury and sustainability with our Enchanting Allure 14K Gold Single Diamond Necklace. Adorned with a striking 1.2-carat lab-grown diamond and radiant 5-carat Ascher cut Swiss Topaz, this necklace is a timeless masterpiece that combines exquisite beauty with conscious craftsmanship.

Outstanding Features:

  • Luxurious 14K Gold: The necklace is crafted from 5.5 grams of premium 14k gold, ensuring a luscious sheen while maintaining durability. The delicate 3.5-gram chain provides the perfect balance of elegance and strength, promising to stand the test of time.
  • Radiant Lab-Grown Diamond: At the heart of the necklace lies a 1.2-carat lab-grown diamond that equals a mined diamond in brilliance, beauty, and purity, but being lab-grown, it significantly reduces the environmental impact that comes with traditional diamond mining.
  • Lustrous Ascher Cut Swiss Topaz: The 5-carat Ascher cut Swiss topaz offers a unique and mesmerizing aesthetic. This gem’s vivid blue hue, coupled with the precise Ascher cut, ensures maximum shine and a spectacular blend of traditional and modern style.
  • Sustainable Opulence: This necklace truly makes a statement about the future of luxury. By choosing lab-grown gems, you are reducing your ecological footprint and supporting an industry that values ethical sourcing and production.
  • Versatile Elegance: Whether it’s worn with a little black dress for an evening gala, or adding a touch of sophistication to a professional look, this necklace is a perfect addition to any outfit.
  • Treasured Gift: Our necklace comes beautifully packaged, ready to be given as a meaningful and luxurious gift, expressing your admiration while also embodying your commitment to sustainability.

Indulge in the Enchanting Allure of our 14K Gold necklace featuring illustrious lab-grown diamonds and stunning Swiss topaz. Enjoy the knowledge that your eco-friendly choice radiates with just as much beauty and brilliance, if not more, than traditionally sourced gemstones.


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